Turning the tides on child drowning
Rebecca Wear Robinson
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You can call me Rhino.

by Rebecca Wear Robinson on July 13, 2011

Every day for four years now I have gotten up and worked towards ending childhood drowning.

I have been blessed in my life, particularly with two amazing kids that are legally mine, and two more incredible kids who I added to my family in recent years. My passion has always been empowering and helping children, and I adore the water – it soothes and inspires me and is where I have the most fun with my own kids. I learned from my parents the importance of giving back, and of the importance of fighting for what is right.

And so now I fight so that no more children will drown. One child drowns every minute. That is unacceptable and I will change it – it is my life’s work.

Lara, the oldest of my kids, nicknamed me ‘Rhino’ for my tenacity and determination. Not the most flattering moniker, but certainly accurate! When it comes to ending childhood drowning, you can call me Rhino. I won’t stop until the drowning stops.

If you want to learn more, I lectured at The University of Chicago recently about what I do
and, thanks to a great response, followed up with a paper on how Jabari came into creation.


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