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Who Should Learn To Swim?

by Rebecca Wear Robinson on September 29, 2010

“We don’t have a pool”  “We’re so busy with soccer/football/gymnastics”  “It’s such a pain with the wet suits and wet hair”  “It’s too expensive to join a pool or take lessons”  “We’re just not a swimming family”

What is your excuse not to have your kids in swimming lessons?  Learning to swim isn’t just for fun, it’s a life skill that can keep your child alive.  You don’t have to have a pool – water covers 70% of the earth’s surface and your child will be around water every day of their life.

Too busy with other sports?  Swimming is one of the best all-around exercises there is – Google Aaron Peirsol or Cullen Jones if you want to see the results.

Worried about the hair/makeup/mess?  I swear by Phyto 9 leave-in conditioner, and get your child’s hair wet before they go in the pool, absorbs less chlorine.  Hard to believe, but my hair looks better when I swim.

Too expensive.  I understand, but contact your local Y, Boys and Girls Club, Swim for Life and find out about assistance.  Anytime you purchase a copy of ‘Jabari of the Water‘ (at Amazon or on our web-site, www.jabariofthewater.com) we donate 10% of revenue to programs that fund swimming lessons for at-risk kids, maybe your child will benefit.

Just not a swimming family?  But I know you are a family that wants to keep your kids safe, healthy and alive – time to re-think how you define yourselves.

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