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Rebecca Wear Robinson
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Vietnam – Int’l Drowning Prevention Conference

by Rebecca Wear Robinson on May 4, 2011

I am participating in the International Drowning Prevention Conference in Vietnam next week. There will be over 400 participants from 50 countries gathering together to share information, to learn – and to develop a global platform regarding preventing drowning.

It is my fervent hope that this platform be pragmatic and executable. Drowning is a larger problem than AIDs and malaria, and without belittling the devastation that those diseases cause, drowning should command at least equal space on the world’s stage. Bluntly speaking, we aren’t marketing drowning effectively. It’s the leading cause of accidental death for children and there are so many good programs – yet most people don’t even know drowning is a real risk.

We must learn from programs that have successfully changed behavior, such as MADD, Heifer International, and some of the AIDs programs, and apply the principles of social change, and yes, business, to the issue of drowning.

400 people from 50 countries, representing the ideas, passion and commitment of thousands more. With social media, our network, and our determination, we can reach millions – if we have a one guiding principle and the tools to implement positive change. In one generation no more children will drown – but first we need a solid and realistic plan.

I’ll be there – will you?

(the photo is of Halong Bay, Vietnam)

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