Turning the tides on child drowning
Rebecca Wear Robinson
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Vaccinating Against Death

by Rebecca Wear Robinson on June 8, 2011

Vaccines save lives. Vaccines prevent diseases, they don’t cure them.

The concept is simple, introduce a small amount of the disease you are trying to prevent into the body and allow the body to develop natural immunities. Teach the body what to do when they encounter the disease so that they never develop the potentially lethal illness.

Teaching water safety to children vaccinates them against death. We don’t need a ‘cure’ for water, we need a vaccine against dying in the water.

Introduce water in small, controlled doses to your child regularly when they are young. Talk to them about being safe around water. Get them in the water regularly and positively so that they begin to understand their own limitations, and their own power.

Vaccines aren’t glamorous but they are the bulwark of defense for keeping children alive.

Vaccinate your children this summer – talk to them about water safety and get them into swimming lessons!

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