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Swimming Saves Lives!

by Rebecca Wear Robinson on October 7, 2009

I learned of a true hero last week as a result of my blog.  Mark B. told me the story of his close friend who was in the Peace Corp.  The friend was on a ferry in the Philippines with two colleagues during a storm.  The ferry went down.  As the ferry was sinking, he passed out life preservers to the other passengers until he had to jump into the water. The waves were 10 ft high and one of the girls was getting sick. He not only had to swim, but keep one of the girls from drowning in her own vomit and keep all three of them together for 18 hours until they washed up on an island.  The Peace Corps gave him the highest honor that they could bestow on a volunteer.  The man credits being taught to swim as a child with keeping him alive and allowing him to save two other people directly.

Most of us will never be faced with such a challenge far from home, but with 70% of the earth’s surface being water, your child will be in, around, or near water for all of their life.  Teaching them to swim is as important a life skill as crossing the street or fastening their seatbelt.  I’d like to share more stories, dramatic or just daily life anecdotes about swimming – will you share your story with me?

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