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Jabari® – Global Brand

by Rebecca Wear Robinson on May 8, 2013

The completely revamped Jabari® site has launched! Click here if you just can’t wait to check it out, but I hope you’ll stick with me while I explain what is totally unique about the blog portion of the site and why Jabari® will be a global brand.

Technology can unite us as a team dedicated to ending drowning. With the Jabari blog page I have created an electronic meeting place where we can learn about all the programs, products and initiatives in the drowning prevention field around the world. A different organization or individual will be featured every week. I’m excited about our great starting line-up, including: Goggles for Guppies, Make A Splash®, Global Drowning Tracker©™, Nile Swimmers, SKWIM®, and many more.

The goal is to showcase the wide range of programs around the world, create a global community of drowning prevention advocates, and to engage the public and help them connect with programs that touch them – either to donate money, volunteer, or use their services. I’ll be aggressively promoting the programs across my social media network. If you’d like your program highlighted, just e-mail me at rebeccalioness@gmail.com or use the Contact Form.  My goal is to strengthen and unite our community so that when one of our members needs help, needs social media ‘votes’ for funding or promoting a project, they can count on all of us.

Jabari® has another purpose. I wrote last week about the need to unify drowning prevention efforts under one symbol, similar to the pink breast cancer ribbon. Jabari® was developed to be that symbol. I have written about ‘Why Jabari®’, but the bottom line is that we need a positive, highly recognizable, global symbol that is independent of any one organization, foundation, country or culture to serve as a rallying point, a unifying figure to end drowning.

Jabari®’s name and face is available, for a very reasonable fee, for use by programs and products that are working to increase water safety and decrease drowning deaths. Parents and the public will associate Jabari®’s name and face with water safety and immediately be reminded of of the need to be aware around the water. If we are showing the world a united front that supports the full range and diversity of drowning prevention programs, we can make a difference. We can raise awareness. We can raise funding for our programs. We can reduce drowning deaths permanently. Contact me at rebeccalioness@gmail.com if you are interested in incorporating Jabari into your campaign.

If we work as a team and leverage technology, we can unite the world around the cause of drowning prevention. We can engage them, inspire them, teach them, and we can end drowning. Please join the team.

If you support the vision of a global awareness campaign, please click here to Tweet ‘@Rebeccasavekids Join Team Jabari and end drowning. http://bit.ly/17LDU7d #stopdrowning

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