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International Water Safety Day

by Rebecca Wear Robinson on May 15, 2013

Happy International Water Safety Day!  Did you know that today, May 15, is International Water Safety Day? The members of the U.S. Congress know, because a group representing drowning prevention efforts in the U.S. is meeting with them today to alert them to the hidden epidemic of drowning and make Congress aware of some of the great teams and programs working to end drowning.

Many of you have worked tirelessly to establish May as Drowning Prevention Month in your state. World’s Largest Swimming Lesson officially launches the swim season in the northern hemisphere on June 18. But we were missing our ‘Earth Day’, our day to unite globally and raise awareness about Water Safety. Shaun Anderson and Jayson Jackson, who founded Diversity in Aquatics, recognized that we need to establish a global day that is dedicated to raising awareness to water safety and established International Water Safety Day last year. We will never end drowning unless we unite around these initiatives. I support them – do you?

It’s not too late to celebrate, click here to Tweet ‘@Rebeccasavekids Happy International Water Safety Day! BITLY #stopdrowning’ and post something on your Facebook or LinkedIn status as well.

Maybe you didn’t have time to prepare for this year’s celebrations, but there is only 364 days until the next annual International Water Safety Day, so you can start today. Click here to visit the site and learn what you can do to promote Water Safety, on May 15, 2014, but also but every day.

Can we count on your support for May 15, 2014?

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