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Don’t Panic!!!

by Rebecca Wear Robinson on June 15, 2011

I’m all about innovation. Not just for the sake of creating new things, but when innovation turns conventional wisdom on it’s head with better results. Jabari fits into that category – I’m challenging ideas on when and how we involve children to keep them safe. Jabari’s mantra to parents is:

Teach. Watch. Protect.

Teach your child how to be safe in the water and how to swim. SwimFin and uSwim are great innovative tools in this category.

Watch your child whenever they are in the water. I’ll be talking about some great programs that help you develop eyes in the back of your head in future blogs.

Protect your child. Learn CPR because accidents do happen. I believe CPR should be taught in schools every year, starting young. And a mandatory refresher course at the hospital every time you take a newborn home. Repetition of skills training is crucial when it comes to responding in an emergency.

But what if you aren’t a medical professional and you don’t have to do CPR regularly? Will you remember what to do if faced with any emergency? What if it’s your child that isn’t breathing? Will you panic?

I found a CPR face shield kit that actually talks you through what to do. It’s like one of those singing birthday cards that prompts the correct action when you open it, but even smaller – a bit wider than an iPhone and about the same weight. The portable kit also contains a CPR face shield, gloves, wipes, and written instructions on performing adult and infant CPR.

I’ve learned enough about CPR over the last few years that I’d much prefer to see some studies showing that people can follow the instructions accurately. And even better if everyone begins taking CPR classes regularly. But for an innovative way of prompting action in a panic situation, of reminding you to take action – it’s got my vote in the great innovation category! I bought my kit at: http://talkingcprkit.com/.

If you know of other innovative products or ideas – please let me know!

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