Turning the tides on child drowning
Rebecca Wear Robinson
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Cleaner water = Fewer deaths

by Rebecca Wear Robinson on November 16, 2011

One billion people lack access to clean water. One in eight people globally. 3.5 million people die each year from water-related diseases. 84% of them are children and 98% of the deaths are in developing countries. Matt Damon and Gary White decided that was unacceptable and launched www.water.org to change that.

I fully support their work on a humanitarian level, but I also think we in the drowning prevention community need to be working with them. Matt and Gary point out that millions of women and children spend time every day hauling water. I strongly suspect that the combination of being forced to leave young children unsupervised, or taking them near unsafe sources of water, has a very strong positive correlation with childhood drowning rates.

We need to expand our thinking, and our strategic alliances.

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