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Backwards….and in high heels!

by Rebecca Wear Robinson on July 6, 2011

Women aren’t strong enough. Women aren’t brave enough. Women don’t have the physical stamina. All the old excuses why women can’t…..well, fill in the blank – drive, vote, participate in physically demanding sports, and on and on, ad nauseam, and I do mean ad nauseam (adv. to a disgusting or ridiculous degree; to the point of nausea). All I have to say on the matter is – we give birth – subject closed.

Lifeguards are under-appreciated as it is. In what other profession do you need to be in outstanding physical condition and constantly in a state of readiness for dramatic rescues, but roughly 90% of your job is educating the public and prevention so that dramatic rescues aren’t needed? Female lifeguards remain steadfastly in the minority of this already under-appreciated profession, but our National Park Service is committed to challenging misconceptions.

On July 27 at the Gateway National Recreation Area in Sandy Hook, New Jersey, women from around the country will participate in the Annual All-Women Lifeguard Tournament. Special kudos also go to Coca-Cola and their “America Is Your Park” initiative for supporting the event and our incredible national park system. You can visit their site and vote for your favorite park to receive $100,000.

Women will participate in such events as the surfboat challenge, distance run (1 mile on loose sand, barefoot – you try that!), ocean kayak challenge, run-swim-run, run-paddle-run, beach flag race, ironwoman, surf rescue, swim-run relay and run relay.

As someone pointed out, Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did, except backwards….and in high heels! Let’s hear it for our female lifeguards – these women rock!

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